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Blatant plagiarism of: http://www.mymp3car.com/MP3Car/mp3carfaq.asp#useful_info_obdii

I have seen too many good sites with good links go down, so I am capturing these while I can.
I will eventually go through these and organize them in my own fashion.
The are, in my opinion, the best collection of OBDII links around:

  • OnBoard Diagnostics II information and links

    OBDII is an interface to your car's Engine Control Unit (ECU), basically the onboard computer. Via this link you can get almost all sensor data that is available to the ECU, as well as trouble codes and error status (i.e. when you see your engine light come on, you can get the reason code for it via this port). This port is found on 1996 and newer cars only (1988ish-1995 has obdI which is 8-bit and not of much use), and must be located within 1m of the car's steering wheel. Normally if you fish down in the area where your feet are as a driver there will be this port that is mounted, very hard to miss. Needless to say it would be very interesting to be able to hook this port up to your computer and see the bounty of information available!

  • A good OBDII schematic for the DIYers out there

  • Multiplex Engineering VPW, PWM, and ISO 9141-2 interface makers of another ODBII interface, $82 for a unit that snaps onto your ODBII connector port, $69.25 for the circuit board only

  • FreeDiag an OSS project software interface for OBDII

  • GM OBD II Reference Page showing a LOT of information available

  • OBD-2.com info

  • OBD-2 opendiag software (the hardware available linked off of here is for ISO9141-2 only)

  • Jeff Noxon's ODB-II PCB schematics - Build one yourself!

  • An example of data channels available

  • ODBScan one of the many interfaces available ($140USD), also has some software

  • Scantool.net they make the cheapest pre-fab ODBII RS232 interface kit - $65USD (you must supply a length of cable yourself but comes with connectors), or $90USD if you want to get the professionally made RS232<->ODBII cable

  • ODB Diagnostics they also make a interface kit, $79USD ($84USD for Canada) including shipping and includes cables

  • Andy Whittaker - ODBII software good list of software for use with ODBII

  • Andy Whittaker - ODBII hardware connector $54USD without cables, $66 with. You can also get parts to make it yourself for cheap here.

  • AKM Cables OBDII info page - good source of information, many links

  • ECU2PC - a LOT of links and a very simple DIY solution

  • Autotap very expensive, but good

  • AES/Wave makes a lot of nifty tools, I didn't bother to look at a price, but they have nice software as well (maybe it can be used with DIY solutions?

  • GMs OBDII 8192 baud info who thought of 8192 baud anyway?

  • Seansters Scantool for the DIYers out there, looks very simple

  • OBDII pinout and information (local)